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Challenges are facing Property/Liability insurance agents today.

We provide the most unique and successful property and liability insurance education and sales training in the business. This includes both Commercial and Personal Insurance - beginner to advanced. Get exclusive, one-on-one training and education, at no direct cost to you. Stay ahead of the competition with ICA Agency Alliance, Inc.


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The Most Unique and Powerful Insurance Education & Sales Training Program in the Business Today!

How does an insurance agent compete with self-driving cars, internet insurance quoting for both personal and commercial policies, telemetrics - the dubious art of capturing all of an insurance customers information off of the internet, without asking questions, to get an instant quote and immediate policy issues (and without an insurance agent?)

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Insurance Education & Sales Development, through its affiliate ICA Agency Alliance, Inc., has assembled a complete and unique approach to meeting the challenges of the insurance market today. Insurance Education & Sales Development provides an interactive method to: learn insurance coverages; how to fill out, quote and submit applications; work with underwriters on placing business competitively with the correct classification and final approval; assemble information in a final proposal to present to the customer; and acquire skills in how to deliver the proposal for a successful sale of the policy.

All sales training and insurance education classes are done in a One-on-One Mentoring/Teaching environment with achievement scaled to the individuals’ learning skills and time management. Courses are designed for all levels of experience from very beginner/introductory to advanced complex accounts that can easily generate up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in written premium. ICA’s sales training and education program, coupled with ICA’s successful digital marketing program (as seen on the internet at,) and ICA Agency Alliance, Inc’s access to the most competitive and extensive markets makes the opportunity for success very possible all at no direct cost to you!

Perks of the Program

Beginner to Advanced

Our training and education program is built to encompass all levels of agents experience by providing a broad curriculum of educational opportunities.

Sales Skills

Our sales skills training offers unique insights into the sales process and how to leverage your knowledge and beat the competition.

Continuing Education

We offer continuing education, and topics vary for new agents to experience agents.

Niche Marketing

Marketing can vary in size and scope. Our agents are encouraged to identify niche markets and create a marketing plan around these to become experts in these fields, build referrals and increase their revenue.

Online Insurance Education
Agency Principles, Producer & Staff

We focus on providing training not only to the agency principle but to their staff as well. We believe a well-trained staff creates a stronger agency with the ability to continue to grow.

Underwriting Skills

We teach to assess each risk, based on their characteristics, to create a clear understanding and appropriately market the risk.

Coverage Training

Understanding the various coverages is paramount to an agents success. We will teach the agent the different coverages available and how to apply this to the client's needs.

...and even more

Policy Retention

Customer retention is an essential component of agency management. Our training and education program will help the agent create a plan that focuses on customer retention.

Carrier Appetites

Carrier appetites are regularly reviewed which helps you with Target Marketing and increasing sales.

Submission Instruction

Each carrier has different submission requirements. We will walk the agent through the submission process.


Cross-selling will prepare the agent on the importance of selling additional products to a client to increase revenue and enhance policy retention.

Form-Based Materials

Insurance forms are reviewed in detail and provide the student with a strong coverage background.

Customer Relations

Selling insurance is more than selling the product itself. In our sales classes, we also stress the importance of building long-term relationships with clients and becoming their trusted advisor.

Agency Setup

Our training and education program will provide the new agency owner with the tools and skills to create a successful independent agency.

Quarterly Webinars

Quarterly webinars are provided on various insurance topics that impact agents on a daily level.


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